Opposite Forces #4 now in stores!

The final issue of the Opposite Forces mini-series (created by Tom Bancroft) is now in stores. I had the privilege of inking issues #3 and #4, coloring was done by Josh Ray. It’s a great series, fun for kids and adults. If you comic book store doesn’t carry it, ask them to order one for you from Alias Publishing.

Also, I should take a moment to plug Tom’s excellent new book on character design, Creating Characters with Personality. It will be available in February but you can pre-order yours now.


2 thoughts on “Opposite Forces #4 now in stores!

  1. Cedric,
    Congradulations on doing inks for Tom’s awesome pencils! I’ll have to hunt this one down. Hope you had a great holiday, keep up the great work.

  2. Wow, thanks again for the kind words Cedric! I really appreciate the plug on the book also! I just picked this comic up the other day (Alias “forgot” to send me one) and I really like your work on it! Thanks for making me look good my friend!

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