Wow! My blog has only been up for 6 months, and so far I’ve had 12,000 visits. That’s unbelieveable to me. Since my fan club is only about three people, you guys have been awfully busy. Seriously, thank you all so much for checking back and leaving the occassional kind word. Since I work at home alone all day in the great frozen tundra of Minnesota, posting my work and then viewing other art blogs really helps me feel connected to the larger art community. Long live Blogger.com!

"Chair"-iot Race

I’m working on a project designing characters for a Flash-based racing game. There will be five different characters racing through the office in their own customized chairs. Here’s three of the designs so far, though they are still evolving. I’m enjoying trying to push the characters into a more abstract direction, something I want to get better at. (The orange skin and blue/pink hair is at the client’s request.)