The Incredible Bouncing Bagel

I need some feedback from all you animators out there. I’m working with a client on some simple racing games to be animated with Flash. The first game involves breakfast food characters (donut, bagel, strudel, etc.) racing each other. This is a rough test animation of the bagel bouncing along. Because of the budget I have to keep it at about three basic poses at 12 frames per second. Whaddya’ll think? I’m not fishing for compliments, I really want to know. He seems to move kind of sluggish, not sure why. I’ve never had formal animation training so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and that’s supposed to be a “dust trail” of cream cheese squirting out of him on impact. Not sure if it reads well, but it’s something the client requested.


15 thoughts on “The Incredible Bouncing Bagel

  1. I can’t offer any feedback on your animation there, Cedric, as I just do illustration, but it’s my first visit to your blog (which I just read through), and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it and your work. Wow! I’m adding you to my blog links so I can make routine visits.

    And congratulations to you and Jennie on your marriage!

  2. Cedric,

    Nice drawing. I would try reversing the shape of the compression (outer outline of bagel) when he lands so his momentum is moving forward.

    This would put the foulding part at his back and the bulging part infront of him.

    I did a quick hack try on this, I will email it to you.

  3. Sup, Ced. First time here.
    I think your keys are fine. You’ll be able to do little adjustments to the timing, motion, and other little nuances in Flash if you break the character up in efficient symbols.

    Goto clean and color and start working.

  4. Nice work Cedric. My only comment is that you should smooth out your arcs in his facial features. If you have Flash look at all of your drawings in onion skin mode and plot the arcs and I think you will see that the arcs are zig-zaging instead of following natural arcs.

    Good Luck!

  5. I think it looks fantastic. This is something I’ve been needing to get more into trying and watching something as simple as this little animated moment is very inspirational. Thanks! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. OH!! Sooo COOL!! It’s moving!! IT’s alive!! Nice animation and cool character … it looks really tasty!! Hummmmmm ….. donut!!

  7. I look at the animation longer … it’s pretty good. I love the squashy quality of the character, and the follow through of the hat, nice secondary animation there. If I had to be picky … I would said the landing timing could be improve a bit … You do have a good sense of weight right now, but I think if you break up the timing of the landing a bit, will be more interesting, the in-between timing of the key pose is a bit on the even side …

    Just a suggestion, but overall it’s a good animation, and it’s hard to animate with 12 frame. YOu do a great job!

  8. I think sluggish is good for a bagel filled with cream cheese… seriously.

    It gives it character! Nice job Cedric. 😉

    If you want, you may be able to change shape more on the way up (small stretch) to enforce the energy traveling back up into his bagel body… I dunno, you’d have to try it and see if it makes it too snappy.

    I like it man!

  9. It looks great. With the amount of drawings you are limited to, you can’t do much more than this. You’d need more drawings to overlap that hat any more than you are now. The “dust” trail may need to go if you can’t do more drawings also. It doesn’t read now and just pops off. Looks great dude!

  10. That’s cute!
    Will he be bouncing forward or in place? If he will bounce in place, then you could give him somewhat more of a stretch going up/down. If you only have to draw three frames, then I would make one of them really squashy on the ground, one of them where he stretches out (you can reuse that one going up/down) and one of him normally at the top of his jump.

    If he has to move forward, then his body would have to follow the arc of his jump, so stick his ‘feet’ out when he goes forward, and when he comes out of the jump, make his body lean forward more. (That would require 4 frames, one of him squashed on the ground, one of him coming out of the jump leaning forward, one at the top of his jump and one coming down with his feet forward.)

    Here is an example of one of my animation assignments of a ball bounce,(24f/s) you can pick out the extreme frames:

    I am very happy with my vole for the whack-a-vole by the way! Thanks!

  11. i love the animation…But I am not exactly the ideal person to ask about animation as i’m only a beginner.
    thanks for the comment..

  12. Hey Cedric,

    Cool stuff in your blog! As for the bagel animation, do you think you could add one more pose? It would help him to look like he’s moving forward. Here are the four I was thinking would work well:

    Of course you can play with the timing to get him to look heavier, but this was a quick 2 minute run at it. Happy animating!


  13. Wow, thanks for all the great feedback everyone. The advice is super helpful, and I’m going to take it with me to the drawing board when I work on the next version.

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