Opposie Forces issue #3 is in stores!

Earlier this year I had the honor of inking two issues for the re-release of “Opposite Forces”, a series created by animator/illustrator Tom Bancroft (Aladdin, Lion King, Mulan, VeggieTales). His work is fantastic and he’s about the nicest guy around.

Anyway, issue #3 (the first issue I inked) is finally in stores from Alias publishing. If your local comic book store doesn’t carry it, ask them to order it for you.

Click on the images below to read a couple of sample pages:
(Colored by Josh Ray)

EDIT: I just realized I had the pages displayed in the wrong order. Oops! Problem fixed. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Opposie Forces issue #3 is in stores!

  1. you did some really great work in there Cedric, I own the first 2 books, Ill have to go and pick up #3. Some lovely art in them.

  2. Really liking those inks Cedric! Super nice line quality man, just really solid. I’ll have to go pick up the issue to check out the rest. Keep those great posts comin’ man.

  3. Thanks everybody! It was a fun series to work on.

    I just realized I had the order of the pages mixed up. Oops! It’s fixed now.

  4. Once again, thanks for your awesome work on this Cedric! A penciler can’t ask for anything better than to have a strong penciler inking his pencils! That statement only makes sense to artists, I think. I just picked this issue up myself. Dang you Alias, I never see my own comics! I missed #2 completly. Sigh. Thanks for the blog remarks, I think you are nicest!

  5. Hey, Cedric!

    Sherwin Schwartzrock sent out your info recently. I saw the character sketches you had posted a couple of weeks ago. Thought they looked really good. I think you were going to use them for a mini-comic. Let me know how that progresses.

    The inks on this(Opposite Forces), from what I can tell are clean and crisp. I have the “uninked” comics somewhere around my own studio, but the inking and coloring really brings out Tom’s work.

    I’m not sure we’ve met. I’ve been to Fallcon a few times. Haven’t been able to make it due to “life things” the past couple of years.

    Keep up the good work!

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