Weekend Sketches

I’ve always been impressed with artists who can draw in the “retro” style, which emphasizes bold designs and flat, graphic shapes as opposed to a sculpted, three-dimensional, “realistic” cartoon rendering. Think Powerpuff Girls or Dexter’s Labratory rather than The Lion King. It’s a “less is more” way of thinking, bold and deceptively simple. It’s a hard style for me to wrap my brain around, but I’m trying.

Here’s a few weak attempts I made over the weekend. I started by sketching a guy on a napkin at Applebee’s, and once I got home I used my memory of him as a springboard for some of the other sketches.


One thought on “Weekend Sketches

  1. Hey buddy,

    I like your napkin sketch alot! Great job!

    Unless anyone has an interjection, I think this weeks character design is going to be “old person dealing with technology” if your down that is what we are doing, we will post by monday. I hope you can get in this one!!!

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