This is my blog’s new home.

I’ve just moved my blog from it’s old host to here at I liked where it was but I couldn’t do RSS feeds. Everything’s been moved except user comments from my previous posts. But you can still read them if you’d like at my old blog. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for following my blog!


2 thoughts on “This is my blog’s new home.

  1. Hello, Ced,

    Congrasts on the engagement.
    Get ready for a lot of changes both good and bad.
    Most of them good. Some of them even good for you.
    Those latenighters will slow down when you start hearing, “Honey come to bed”

    Is she also artistic?
    It seems to be a good thing for an artist to marry someone who is not artistic. That way your home will have someone who is level headed and able to maintain the ” business end” of your lives.

    Robert Snyder

  2. Thanks Rob. She has a bit of a creative side, but not artisticly driven like I am. She loves doing databases and bookwork and stuff, one of may ways in which she is a blessing. She will bring a much-needed balance and depth into my life.

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